Work in this category should demonstrate excellence in digital campaign work, creating compelling and innovative digital marketing that delivers business results.


CAM01: Digital Campaign Strategy
Excellence in digital strategic thinking and planning.
The winner will demonstrate the ingenuity of the strategy (NOT the work) and how it led to success.

Jury Panel: Marketers Panel



CAM03: Digital Integrated Campaign
Excellence in digital marketing campaign that uses exclusively digital channels to achieve marketing results.

Immersive large- or small-scale digital experiences and events which are set up to engage and strengthen relationships with the consumer. This can include, but is not limited to VR, AR, installations, motion chairs, multi-screen and multi-dimensional experiences.

Jury Panel: Marketers Panel



CAM04: Mobile Campaign
Campaign run primarily through mobile channels. Consider innovation for Activation by Location. Make sure that the entry clearly focuses on mobile as a critical part of the campaign.

Jury Panel: Marketers Panel



CAM05: Best Use of Data
A marketing campaign which has used data in an interesting, ground-breaking way in achieving its success. Entrants must show how data formed the backbone of the campaign.

Jury Panel: Performance Marketing Panel



CAM06: Integrated Mixed Media Campaign
A marketing campaign that uses digital, as well as non-digital channels, to achieve a marketing goal.

Jury Panel: Marketers Panel



CAM07: Break Through on a Budget
A marketing campaign with creative use of modest budgets and / or resources to create maximum impact. Need to focus on effectiveness and ROI.

Jury Panel: Marketers Panel



CAM08: Branded Content
A marketing campaign including brand placement within a digital content context to promote a product or service, where the content remains the hero.

Jury Panel: Marketers Panel

Please also see the Categories & Criteria PDF for more detail on each sub-category
Creative Excellence: 40%
Innovation & Technical Accomplishment: 30%
Meeting or exceeding business goals and results: 30%


Previous entrants:
Please specify the updates and provide meaningful evidence of what has changed and improved across the above criteria.

Points awarded:
Yes. Please refer to the ranking methodology once the entries are open on 1 March 2021.